Bishop pays tribute to fathers; asks children to show gratefulness for their hard work

Published June 20, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Christina Hermoso

A Catholic Church leader paid tribute to all fathers “for their sacrifices and great effort to provide for the family and at this time of a pandemic, for helping keep the family safe” on the occasion of Father’s Day which will be celebrated tomorrow, June 21.

Bishop Ruperto Santos (CBCP / MANILA BULLETIN)
Bishop Ruperto Santos

Balanga Bishop Ruperto C. Santos prayed for all fathers “to be safe amid the threat of the coronavirus as they try their best to provide for their families. I am praying for the protection, safety, and well-being of all fathers,” he said.

Santos called on children “to show their fathers in words and in deeds how grateful they are for all their hard work for the family and how much they are loved.”

“Always be there for your father and watch over him especially in his old age as he supported and watched over you when you were younger. Fathers sacrificed their youth and their strength to provide for their families. Love him more and more each day. Give him time in his hours of need. Pray for his health, safety from all accidents and dangers, strength from all temptations, and the ability to cope with this crisis,” the bishop said.

On Fathers’ Day, the faithful are reminded to follow the example of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of fathers and protector of the family.

“Fathers, like St. Joseph, must be just, honest, fair, humble, patient, gentle, and God-fearing. St. Joseph, as the head of the Holy Family, played an important role in the life of Jesus, much like the essential role and influence of fathers in shaping the lives of their children,” Church officials said.