Baguio City approves mandatory registration of pet dogs

Published June 12, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Zaldy Comanda

BAGUIO CITY – An ordinance was approved on third and final reading, making the registration of pet dogs mandatory in the city.


The measure, amending certain provisions of an aging Ordinance No. 500-34 provides, states that “no person shall own or keep a dog over three months of age without first registering it with the Office of the City Veterinarian”.

Registration may be made directly with the office or during mass registration organized in barangays. A corresponding registration certificate shall be issued after the dog is installed a microchip.

Under the measure, the certificate shall be the permanent record of the dog during its lifetime, except in cases when ownership over the pet is transferred.

Pet owners who fail to have their dogs registered shall be fined P2,000.

Meantime, the pending ordinance prohibits any dog from straying outside its owner’s residence, unless the same is properly leashed in the company of its registered keeper.

Otherwise, the dog shall be placed in the city pound by authorized city personnel.

An owner who knowingly and willfully allows a dog to go loose shall be fined P2,000.

The measure also provides that a dog impounded by barangay officials may be kept in the barangay pound, if available. The barangay is authorized to collect fines and maintenance fees.

Meantime, a dog impounded by police officers, garbage collectors and subdivision officials shall be turned over to the city pound.

Any person who releases impounded dogs without its owner having it registered, microchipped; and, without the owner paying fines and fees, shall be fined P1,000. This, over possible administrative or criminal suits.

The new measure also provides that a dog may be declared a nuisance when it has bitten a person outside its owner’s residence; or, causes fear to passersby; or, in not less than three occasions, disturbs peace and order.

The dog may likewise be declared a nuisance if, in not less than three occasions, it defecated outside its registered owner’s home without its mess being cleaned up.

As a reminder for pet lovers to be more responsible, the owner of a dog that has bitten a person outside the dog’s registered address is obliged to reimburse all medical expenses incurred by the victim.