Israeli start-up to test small-scale power engine

Published June 3, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

An Israeli startup is hoping a new engine design can help bring power to remote outposts in Asia.

Aquarius Engines Ltd. announced a partnership with Nokia Oyj on Monday and plans to begin field tests in the Philippines this year for a small-scale electrical generator using its unique low-maintenance design.

The company is targeting far-flung locations in Asia to power remote populations and telecommunications centers. The field test in the Philippines is expected to begin this year and run several months, providing the company with feedback as it prepares for mass production, said Gal Fridman, Aquarius’s chairman.

The generators can power commercial and industrial sectors that need around-the-clock electricity in remote spots, or help support wind and solar generation when the sun goes down or breezes halt. It underscores the increased attention businesses are paying to off-grid power, which drew nearly $1 billion in corporate investments during the previous two years combined, according to Wood Mackenzie Ltd. (Bloomberg)