Kids make greeting cards for patients & frontliners

By Rizal Obanil

Grade School students from the University of the Philippines-Integrated School (UPIS) made greeting cards for patients and frontliners in the fight against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

(UP Diliman / FACEBOOK) (UP Diliman / FACEBOOK)

In a Facebook post at UP Diliman’s official page Friday titled: “Messages of Love and Hope for COVID-19 Patients and Frontliners”, a collage of several of the handmade greeting cards was put on display.

With messages like: “Stay Strong, Get
Well Soon, and Wishing You Well,” the cards, the post read are meant to boost morale.

First posted on March 31 on UPIS’s own FB page, the admin of UP Diliman’s Facebook page decided to post it as well.

Frontliners and COVID-19 patients share the tough challenge of being isolated from their loved ones to lessen the risk of spreading the disease further.

UP wants to counter this feeling of loneliness by replacing it with images of personally made greeting cards that will hopefully inspire them to carry on the fight.

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