FICWSI’s ‘filindihelpline’ launched, lauded by Indian Embassy

Published May 5, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Jay Samson

The Filipino Indian Commerce and Welfare Society Inc. (FICWSI) has given an official name to its long-running outreach program: “filindihelpline.”

The name embodies the FICWSI’s slogan, “Together for a Cause,” said the group’s founder and president, Manjinder “James” Kumar.

Kumar, who initiated the adoption of the name “filindihelpline,” explained that the “brand name” of their program represents the name of their NGO (non-government organization), the concept of collective effort, and at the same time acts as an appeal to generous donors to “fill in the need.”

Through this collective action and generosity, it becomes possible to deliver help in the form of relief goods and essentials, especially in times of emergency, such as the extension of the enhanced community quarantine in the country, a safety measure put in place by the government to stem the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the newly discovered coronavirus.

The active and continuing relief operations of FICWSI have earned them recognition from the Embassy of India in Manila. Indian Ambassador Jaideep Mazumdar lauded FICWSI’s relentless outreach activities.

“Indians and Filipinos are together in going through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kumar’s initiatives to forge collaborations among able and generous donors to make relief operations possible is commendable,” Mazumdar said.

He added that the name “filindihelpline” is very relevant, appropriate and inspiring, and that “… it further boosts goodwill between Indians and Filipinos who’ve been living together in communities for generations.”

“The Indian Embassy here in Manila is always willing to support FICWSI’s “filindihelpline” efforts,” the ambassador added.

Mr. Santosh Mishra, Second Secretary (Consular & Education) of Indian Embassy Manila
Mr. Santosh Mishra, Second Secretary (Consular & Education) of Indian Embassy Manila

Kumar has expressed his gratitude to the Embassy of India in Manila, to the Indian community, and to generous donors for helping “filindihelpline” help the needy. Efforts such as those embodied in FICWSI’s “filindihelpline” are even inspiring other generous entities to “fill in the needs.”

FICWSI’s “filindihelpline” encapsulates what the organization and Kumar have been doing for quite some time now.

Last April 30, Kumar, together with his adoptive Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) Sandigan Class 1994, turned over to PNP chief Police Gen. Archie Francisco F. Gamboa sets of protective personal equipment (PPE) to augment the supply for the police checkpoints and patrol operations. Gamboa graciously accepted the donation and expressed his heartfelt gratitude.

Chief PNP Gamboa
Chief PNP Gamboa

“It is a gesture to protect the protectors,” Kumar said of the PPE donation. In line with FICWSI’s “filindihelpline,” he regards the donation as “helpline for the frontline.”

The group believes that the PNP is crucial in helping stop the spread of the virus as they are the ones who ensure that lockdown regulations are strictly followed. In the process, however, some PNP personnel have themselves been infected, with some even succumbing to COVID-19.

Together with the Indian community, “filindihelpline” is also supporting PNP’s Adopt-A-Family program which provides essential aid to indigent families in various communities.

Two hundred sacks of rice and 200 washable PPEs were turned over to Brig. Gen. Vicente Danao Jr., regional director of Police Regional Office 4A, to help both the outreach program and police staff.

Gen. Danao has himself been called “Police Big Brother” for his being a caring older brother, not only to the police force but also to the community.

RD PRO 3 BGen. Danao (2nd from right)
RD PRO 4A BGen. Danao (2nd from right)

Sacks of rice and canned goods were also sent to support the Rektang Bayanihan program of Brig. Gen. Rhodel O. Sermonia, regional director of Police Regional Office 3.

BGen. Sermonia with "Rektang Bayanihan" beneficiary
BGen. Sermonia with “Rektang Bayanihan” beneficiary

This is Sermonia’s implementation of PNP’s Adopt-A-Family outreach program. The general is known for his commitment to deliver relentless outstanding service, a motivation that inspires the personnel who serve with him.

PPEs and 100 sacks of rice were also turned over to Manila Police District Director Brig. Gen. Rolando F. Miranda to help Manila’s finest in its continuing performance of duties in the frontlines as well as its outreach efforts in Manila communities.

BGen. Miranda of MPD
BGen. Miranda of MPD

Kumar’s relief goods distributions also reached beneficiaries in other places. Recent recipients are Mayor Rodrigo De Gracia of Sta. Teresita, the Isabela Police Provincial Office under Police Col. Mariano Rodriguez, and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Cavite Office under Billy Viray.

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