Senior who survived COVID-19 tells frontliners: ‘Sana’y Pagpalain Kayo’

Published April 29, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Czarina Nicole Ong Ki

A senior citizen from Batangas City who survived the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is praying that God blesses all the country’s frontliners for all their sacrifices and dedication to their work.

Jesus Aguado, 69, told ABS-CBN News that he was discharged from Batangas Medical Center on Saturday after he tested negative for COVID-19. Aguado, who is known as Patient Number 13, is now undergoing a 14-day quarantine.

He admitted that he does not know where he got the virus, especially since he only goes to his stall in the market and goes back home after. However, Aguado noted how dirty his surroundings were at the market.

“Kadumi-dumi ng paligid ng tindahan ko, kabaho-baho, tapos yung likod ko karnehan sinasabi ko na ang totoo nang makarating sa kanila, (The surroundings of my store are so dirty, and at the back of my store is a meat shop. I am telling the truth),” he said.

His granddaughter, Nicole Sanvictores, suspects that the virus may have come from the money paid by their customers.

Aguados started feeling unwell on March 30. He developed a fever and was immediately isolated from his wife, Felisa, 71, and their grandchildren. The following day, his fever was gone but he still had himself checked by a doctor. He does not have any coughs, although the doctor who attended to him said he had pneumonia.

On his fourth day at the hospital, the doctor revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Aguados was worried for his family so they were tested as well. They all tested negative.

His hospital stay made Aguados realize just how much the frontliners care for their patients. His treatment might be over, but he is still continuously praying for their health and safety.

“Sana’y pagpalain kayo…ipagdadasal po namin kayo, kailangang kailangan kayo sa panahon ngayon (I hope God blesses you… we are praying for you all, we really need you at this time),” he said.

Aguados urged the government to take care of its doctors and nurses because their lives are at stake at the hospital without proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

His wife and grandchildren are now closely coordinating with the contract tracing team so as to make sure that the virus will not spread. They were the ones who called up the city health office and gave the names of the persons Aguados had come in contact with leading to his sickness.

While the Aguados family admitted to being discriminated against because of COVID-19 even on social media, they said they have forgiven those who have judged them.