Secuna provides security tips when using Zoom

Cybersecurity Testing Platform, Secuna, has recently posted on their Facebook page tips on how to maintain your security when using Zoom, a video conferencing application that received much controversy over privacy and security issues.

The post reads: "For several weeks now, Zoom's privacy and security issues have been in the headlines causing concern to many users. But many people have no choice but to use the app after the organization they work for uses it.

Keep in mind that Zoom has already taken some steps to address the issues, and the company says that it will continue to make security and privacy improvements.

If you find that you need to use Zoom for your online meetings, there are steps you can take to ensure that your experience is as safe and secure as possible."

Below is a series of pictures from Secuna that details on ensuring your security when using Zoom.

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Download the updated zoom application or Update your installed zoom to resolve the previous security issues in Zoom application.


If you'll use it once, it's better to use temporary email to create an account and avoid using social media accounts.


Remember, a strong password uses a combination of upper and lower cases, numbers, and symbols. Passwords such as "123456789," "qwerty", and "Password" are more common than you think.

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It's better to use virtual backgrounds than showing your messy rooms. But it is nice to have for your privacy.


If you're conducting a seminar, it's better to disable file transfer to prevent other participants from sharing malicious files.