Nintendo announces "final" major update for Mario Maker 2

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If you're a fan of Mario Maker 2, you should know that Nintendo just announced the "final" major update of the game. It includes several new items, with a stronger focus on improving the Super Mario 3D World game style.

Among the first announced is the SMB2 Mushroom, which only works in the Super Mario Bros. game style. This turns the player into their Super Mario Bros. 2 counterparts, allowing them to jump on enemies and pick them up, exactly like in SMB2. Players will be able to throw enemies into pits to collect items or create new paths for them.

The second addition in the game is the Frog Suit for Super Mario Bros. 3. This allows the player to run on water and improve swimming mechanic. Any player out there should know that water levels are the worse ones out there and with the Frog Suit, it's possible that they're going to be finally playable... or at least, tolerable.

Super Mario World gets the Balloon Power up. In the original game, this turns Mario into a balloon and float in the air. It was painful to navigate around with this power up. But in Mario Maker 2, it seems players will be able to boost to get to places much faster.

Super Acorn is added to the New Super Mario Bros U game style, which lets the player do triple jumps and glide.

For the longest time in Mario Maker, boss battles have been limited to Bowser and Bowser Jr. Mario Maker 2 added Boom Boom and Pom Pom, with the former being used more often. Due to the limitations, some makers got creative by devising complex mechanisms to facilitate boss battles. Now, as part of the update, Nintendo adds all eight Koopalings -- major bosses before players enter a new world. Each of the Koopalings will have their own set of moves, making them stand out from each other. And as interesting as they sound, they are going to be huge headaches when used for evil.

The Super Mario 3D World game style gets a ton of love in the update by introducing a slew of power ups. First, there's the Boomerang that returns to the player when thrown. It can also go through clear pipes. Then there are "costumes" that give different powers. One that lets player shoot cannon balls, one that act's like a propeller power up from New Super Mario Bros U, and one that turns the player into a Bullet Bill. There's also a "Goomba Mask" where while wearing it, enemies won't attack you.

While all these upgrades are incredible, one that stands out most is the World Maker.

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Makers will be able to make 40 courses in eight worlds. If we do the math, that's five courses per world. Makers will be able to customize icons on map, create roads, and even add bonus stages. Based on the video, a new menu called "Super Worlds" will be accessible, allowing players to visit various worlds.

It's not clear why Nintendo announced this as the "final" major update of the game. It could simple mean, the game is finally complete and future updates will come in the form of paid DLCs with massive additions and game styles.

This update comes out on April 22, for the rest of the world. For us in the country, that would be on April 23. You can view the announcement yourself below: