FPIP provides transport for frontliners

By James A. Loyola

Lopez-led First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP), the developer and operator of the industrial park in Batangas, has partnered with two leading hospitals in Tanauan and Santo Tomas to provide free shuttle service to medical workers and other frontliners battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of these workers, who are providing essential services to those inflicted with COVID 19 and other ailments, live as far away as Batangas City and Laguna.

FPIP is providing two shuttles each to ferry frontliners in Saint Francis Cabrini in Santo Tomas and Daniel Mercado Medical Center in Tanauan to and from their homes when their shifts end.

“While much of the attention in the fight against COVID-19 is focused on Metro Manila, we realize that the battle extends here to our own backyard, and we wanted to support our community health workers who are working bravely and tirelessly to save lives,” said FPIP Chief Operating Officer Giles Puno.