Six questions for Kyline in the time of enhanced community quarantine

Her latest series has run out of fresh episodes, no thanks to COVID-19 and the enhanced community quarantine.

Still, in this email interview with Bulletin Entertainment just as the public health crisis began to mount a couple of weeks ago, Kyline Alcantara keeps an open mind on career, if not romantic possibilities, once everything is okay.



The budding actress also reminds Filipinos to keep the faith, hold steady, and do their part in helping prevent spread of the virus.


You’re pairing with Yasser Mata on the show has got viewers excited. Are you two open to becoming a love team? How about romance for real?

“For me, I take it one step at a time and just focus on work first. If that progresses into something more than on-screen partnership, then we will assess it from there. Cliché as it may sound but let’s cross the bridge when we get there. For now, we’re enjoying each other’s company.”



In one of her blog posts, Solenn Heussaff said those in a love team could “lose a sense of who they are” if they try too hard for fans to show themselves as romantic couple. What do you think?

“I love my fans so much and I am very much grateful for them. I am super thankful for having them because they know me and they support me in every decision that I make. They know how to respect me and my partner even if they have their own choice of partner for me.”

The cast of your show has seasoned actors including Nora Aunor and Mylene Dizon. How do you prepare for your scenes with them?

“I always study my scenes, lines, and blockings. I always make sure I can do it with them and not be subpar or I may be the cause of delay in our scenes. It’s fun that I get to know them and learn from them as well. I also try to talk and collaborate with them to make our scenes better.”

You’ve been in show business since you were a kid. How does one grow under spotlight?

“I learned how to become mature and to think ahead at such a young age. I was exposed to many things that I need to understand because of work and because of the experiences that I’ve been through. I also learned how to be punctual at such a young age because as an actor you need to be on set on time. In all fairness, all the things that I learned from show business since I was a kid contributed to the person that I am right now and made me become a better version of myself.”

How do you relate to your character on the show? Give one important message from the story.

“I can relate with Maggie in terms of her love for her mom and how much she always wants to please her. I’m like that to my parents. In everything that I do, I always seek their opinions because as parents, they know what’s best for me.

Kyline with Mylene Dizon and Nora Aunor

Kyline with Mylene Dizon and Nora Aunor

“In this show, you will learn how to rebuild yourself and make a comeback after all the challenges in your life. You will also realize that there is hope as long as you continue to strive in life.”

How do you use your influence to help people in this time of pandemic?

“As a celebrity, I think we can use our platforms to somehow communicate with our followers to be very cautious and to keep themselves and their family safe. Let’s follow the guidelines given by our health officials to prevent spread of the virus.

“Also, in light of the community quarantine, let’s use this time to reflect, to be with our families, to appreciate all the things that we have right now. Lastly, to thank God and to ask for his guidance during these trying times.”