Huawei aims for the top with the new P40 phones

Huawei has unveiled the details of the new P40 Series from their recent livestream event.


Huawei CEO Richard Yu has revealed three phones: The Huawei P40, the P40 Pro, and the P40 Pro Plus.

The trio features in-screen fingerprint sensor and what Huawei calls a quad-curve display, which sees to every corner of the phones to have smooth rounded edges along with the edges, creating this one big screen for each phone.


Huawei has been dubbing the P40 Series with the “Visionary Photography” tag. During the livestream, Huawei spent a lot of time giving away camera details piece by piece. As predicted, Huawei has maintained its relationship with Leica in developing the camera tech.

The standard flagship P40 has a triple rear camera setup, the P40 Pro with a rear quad-camera setup, and the P40 Pro Plus with rear penta camera setup—that’s five rear cameras. We’re not that surprised, Huawei loves putting an additional camera every so often. Smartphone photography, after all, is essential.


The P40 Pro Plus includes a 40MP ultra-wide lens and a 50MP Ultra Vision wide, and a time of flight sensor, 8MP Periscope camera. The P40 Pro will include a x5 optical telephoto camera. The phones have 32MP selfie camera.

Ultra Vision is Huawei’s own developed technology. According to them, with Ultra Vision their images will have more detail, receive 40% more light intake, and a large sensor to process it all. It’s really sounding like something we can’t wait to try out for ourselves.


Huawei has also introduced some neat features. Ever been into a situation where you take a picture of something behind a glass, and the image you get has your reflection? One of the P40 phones’ new feature is the removal of reflections.

There’s also some new AI tech Huawei showed us, where you take a single photo, you instead get a short video, and you’ll be able to slide backwards and forwards to choose your subject’s best moment.

Huawei also introduced their own voice assistant, Celia, which lets you sets up alarms. This is something we’re quite excited to try out.

All three phones use Kirin 990 5G processors and 8GB RAM. The Pro and Pro Plus have display resolutions of 2640x1200 and supports TOF for face unlock while the P40 has a slightly lower 2340x1080.

The Pro and Pro Plus have 4200mAh batteries and can be charged up to 40W, and bears Huawei’s own 40W wireless charging pad. The P40 has 3800mAh and a 22W charging speed when plugged in.

There’s also a slight difference in water resistance among the three phones. The bigger two has IP68 while the P40 has IP53.

The livestream also gave Huawei the chance to invite developers to create apps for the Huawei Mobile Services. Recently, Huawei has introduced the AppGallery, their own go-to app platform.

Huawei later announced the Huawei Sound X, a speaker made with Devialet, a French brand, and an updated Huawei Watch GT2 and with its new Kirin A1 chipset, Huawei says the smartwatch can last up to two weeks on a single charge.

Expect full reviews as soon as we get our hands on these devices soon!