D&L to keep producing food ingredients, sanitation products

By James A. Loyola

D&L Industries, the country’s largest specialty foods ingredients, plastics and oleochemicals firm, is fulfilling its role in the Philippine manufacturing sector by remaining operational to prevent any disruption in the supply of raw materials in the food and sanitation chemicals industry.

D&L Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Alvin Lao D&L Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Alvin Lao

“We’re working in less than ideal operating conditions right now, facing challenges in logistics, supply disruptions and reduced manpower,” said D&L President & CEO Alvin Lao.

He noted though that, “As of now, we’re still able to maintain selected manufacturing capabilities, and I hope will continue to do so until the outbreak has been permanently contained.”

While the company sources some of its raw materials from China and some delays are expected, it has already been able to find alternative suppliers. As of this writing, the company has ample inventory on hand with inventory days at over 100.

“I believe that, as a good corporate citizen, it is our responsibility to keep our employees safe and make sure there are no major disruptions in manufacturing raw materials used in basic food items and sanitation products that are crucial during these times,” said Lao.

He added that, “The food ingredients that we manufacture go into canned goods, noodles, biscuits, and other shelf-stable snacks. We also manufacture sanitation chemicals such as alcohol, disinfectant spray, and sanitizer which are much needed due to current conditions.”

In order to help its employees prepare and buy needed supplies for their homes, the company has already released half of the 13th month pay to employees last Tuesday, March 17.

In addition, D&L will be paying salaries in full to all of its employees, until the end of the enhanced community quarantine on April 13.

“As a countermeasure, we are aligning resources to serve the increase in demand for immunity- boosting food supplements, cleaning solutions, alcohol, and disinfectants. We’ll do whatever we can on our part and join with the public in this fight to contain COVID-19,” Lao continued.

He pointed out that, “While there are a lot of uncertainties at this point, and the food ingredients business will likely take a hit with slower demand from the hotel/restaurant/catering (HoReCa) sector, we are optimistic that we can weather this storm given our strong balance sheet.”