DOTr releases new rider cap distribution for motorcycle taxis

By Allysa Nievera

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has released the new rider cap redistribution for motorcycle taxis under the pilot test implementation.


According to a statement by DOTr, ride-hailing firm Move It has agreed to give 5,000 of its slots to Angkas because the latter has more available riders than the two other transportation network companies (TNCs) in the DOTr’s pilot study. The third is Joyride.

Angkas has 23,164 riders, Joyride 15,000, and Move It 6,386.

Angkas and Joyride have submitted the additional list of riders that will be included in the extended pilot implementation.

The rider cap was set at 63,000 -- 15,000 per TNC in Metro Manila, 3,000 per TNC in Metro Cebu, and 3,000 per TNC for Cagayan De Oro operations. Angkas is the only TNC operating in Metro Cebu and Cagayan.

The initial 39,000 rider cap allotting only 10,000 riders per TNC for Metro Manila and 3,000 per TNC for Cebu was contested by Angkas, saying it would jeopardize the livelihood of its riders.

The motorcycle taxis pilot test will run until March.