LG talks about 'real' 8K


One of the most talked about CES 2020 presentations is 8K resolution. LG has demonstrated eight new 8K TVs. Six of them are 65 to 75-inch LCDs and two OLED models.

All models are armed with HDMI inputs for 60fps at 8K resolution. So yes, when 8K content becomes more accessible to gaming, prepare to melt your eyes. It’s going to be a roller coaster of a ride.

image001 (7)

LG said the TVs are equipped with their new Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor, designed to use deep learning to improve picture and sound quality. It can also upscale video to 8K without a smudge of pixelation. And, according to LG will be able to recognize faces and make tiny tweaks to make the picture look good.

The TVs will also support HomeKit and AirPlay, so you can access it using your iOS devices.

Also mentioned, you might have heard last year about a “rollable” TV from LG. Well, it makes another appearance at this year’s CES 2020 and, unlike the 8K TVs, this one finally has a price tag to it: $60,000. Approximately P3-million.