PAL commends pilot for Los Angeles emergency landing

By Richa Noriega

Philippine Airlines (PAL) spokesperson Cielo Villaluna commended on Friday the pilot captain of flight PR 113 who made a successful emergency landing in Los Angeles a few minutes after take-off because of a reported mechanical problem.

In a Facebook post, Villaluna shared a photo of Captain Tristan Simeon and applauded him for successfully landing the plane.

“Hats off to you B777 Capt. Tristan Simeon for successfully landing the aircraft at Los Angeles' Tom Bradley International Airport!” the caption read.

Villaluna said all 347 passengers and 18 crew members are safe and were able to disembark from the airplane using regular airstairs.

She said that after they observed bursts of flame shooting from their aircraft’s right engine, Captain Simeon and the flight crew turned back and returned to Los Angeles airport to make a precautionary emergency landing. The aircraft landed at 12 noon local time.

“Our Los Angeles Airport Team has provided assistance to passengers on their flight rebookings,” Vilalluna said.

“We affirm that safety is our top priority and that Philippine Airlines is fully cooperating with the concerned airport and aviation authorities,” she added.

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