Disaster survivors return favor of sending help to earthquake-stricken areas in Mindanao

TACLOBAN CITY – Typhoon and earthquake survivors in Eastern Visayas are sending aid to earthquake-stricken areas in Mindanao.

(Francis Paras / MANILA BULLETIN)

(Francis Paras / MANILA BULLETIN)

A 14-man team from the City Government of Ormoc arrived Sunday afternoon (November 3) in Makilala, Cotabato, after they were deployed by Mayor Richard Gomez to help in the relief efforts, on top of the P1million that they will donate to the earthquake relief and rehabilitation fund of Mindanao.

Mayor Gomez said that it was only right for Ormoc to help quake-hit Mindanao because they also helped Ormoc in the past.

To recall, Ormoc has been a victim of many natural calamities, the latest was a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in 2017.

The 14-man team brought relief goods and equipment to help in the debris clearing in Makilala.

These consist of an ambulance, a boom truck with lifter, and a van. They will also bring battery-operated jackhammers, bolt cutters, expanders, a generator set, crowbars, shovels, hydraulic cutters, ropes, and some first-aid medical equipment.

They also have 200 pieces of 20-feet long blue tarps and 100 hygiene kits consisting of a plastic pail and dipper, shampoo and soap.

The team will also include stress debriefing contingents who were trained in mental health, to help relieve victims of their trauma.

Tacloban City Vice-Mayor Jerry Yaokasin said starting Monday (November 4), they will start accepting donations in the Legislative building that will be shipped to the earthquake victims in Mindanao by the end of the week.

He said they have partnered with Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV), a certified international volunteer organization, to help them receive and pack the items.

“When we were swept by the storm surge of Super Typhoon Yolanda, they did not hesitate to help us in our time of need. They gave and supported us until we were able to bounce back and rise again. Now, it’s our turn to help,” he shared.

They initially sent 14 boxes filled with relief items last week to the municipality of Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, one of the towns badly affected by the recent earthquakes in Mindanao.

Leyte Vice-Governor Carlo Loreto said they would also be passing a resolution for the possible aid that they will be extending to the earthquake-displaced families in Mindanao.