READ: ADMU releases statement concerning campus bomb threat

Amid the tension between Ateneo de Manila University’s (ADMU) administration and some of its students due to alleged sexual harassment cases against some of the school’s faculty members, ADMU received an anonymous bomb threat on social media Sunday night, Oct.27.

Bomb Threat 1

In response to this, ADMU in cooperation with Philippine National Police Quezon City Police Department (PNP-QCPD) “conducted thorough sweeps of the campus.”

Bomb threat 2

“The University Campus Safety and Mobility Office, in coordination with the PNP QCPD conducted thorough sweeps of the campus last night and early this morning and found no irregularity,” ADMU’s says on its Facebook. “Be assured that we continue to strictly implement our security protocol under current circumstances. Please remain calm and alert, cooperate and report anything suspicious to any of our security personnel stationed all around the campus. We shall issue updates, as needed.”

The school then announced that despite the bomb threat, classes and work on Monday, Oct. 28 are not called off. “Security has been heightened and stringent protocols are in place starting early this evening ,” the statement says.” Please stay calm. The University will release updated information as necessary.”