Alexa Ilacad reveals why her status with Nash Aguas did not level up

Published October 28, 2019, 2:15 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Deluged with questions about Nash Aguas at a recent press conference, Alexa Ilacad finally broke her silence on why they did not become an item.

“I was being interviewed on the set of ‘Santigwar’ and reporters were asking me about them (Nash and his new girlfriend actress Mika dela Cruz), if okay (sa akin) na si Nash and Mika na. I said ‘yes,’” she said on “Tonight with Boy Abunda.”

“I saw this post (some time ago) and I saw Nash comment na saying to Mika ’13 years and I still love you.’ So what I said was, I was kind of shocked—well, not really shocked—like what I said, I knew in my heart they never really lost connection. There’s a special place in Nash’s heart for Mika which I always knew and it was okay, it was fine with me. Kasi they were in ‘Goin’ Bulilit’ together, they were the first one. Then after that ay ‘Luv U’ at tsaka lang naman ako pumasok in the middle of that.

“Napaisip ako when I read that ’13 years’ thing—kasi inside that 13 years I was there. So when you say na ’13 years and I still love you,’ where was I (duon)? That’s when I said to myself ‘Not worth your time, move on.’”

Alexa Ilacad

Alexa Ilacad

At a press conference, we asked Alexa about rumors that their relationship did not prosper allegedly because she had a fling with another man. Some people claim the rumor came from Nash himself.

Whoever, wherever, Alexa denied it.

“It’s so hard to tell someone the truth when they already have something stuck in their head — na sure na sure na siya na ‘yun talaga.”

Alexa said the man who was accused as her lover is the musician brother of her best friend.

“I don’t wanna name him, ayoko i-drag siya ditto that’s why I never spoke about it. Kasi hiyang-hiya ako na nadamay sila. Nananahimik sila, hindi sila showbiz na tao,” she said.

Alexa claimed Nash got jealous of the other guy.

“Which I tried to understand kasi over the years walang label (ang relationship namin ni Nash). He had no hold of me, then he saw my world is getting bigger. Maybe he felt threatened that I started to have new friends.”

As of this writing, Nash has not issued a statement on Alexa’s revelations.

Now that she has finally spoken up about it, Alexa is thankful as “it’s finally good to get it out my chest.”

ALEXA with Nash Aguas

ALEXA with Nash Aguas

“All these years I’ve been feeling so guilty about something that I didn’t do. Kasi napaniwala nila sa akin na it’s also my fault, everything is my fault. So wala naman akong lalaki, hanggang ngayon wala akong jowa. So asan na? Where’s your proof? You keep trying to pull me down but really hanggang salita lang unless you show me something, which there’s none.”

Isn’t it coincidence that she’s telling everything while promoting her debut film “Santigwar,” someone asked.

“I understand (what you’re trying to say) but again, ini-interview po ako. That’s the only reason I (am) talking about it. Just now kasi ‘yun ‘yung napag-uusapan and tinatanong ako. Kung hindi naman po ako natanong hindi naman po ako magsasalita.”

Some people might think she’s bitter…

“Oh my gosh, no (I’m not bitter), please! Sabi ko nga I could have a boyfriend if I want to, I just don’t want to. It’s my choice not to dive into a relationship right now but I’m not bitter,” she said.

“They could live happily ever after until the end. Sabi ko nga I want to exclude myself that’s why this is the last time I’m speaking about it.”

Asked if she would accept Nash’s apology—if it’s warranted and if he does so—the young actress nodded.

“Hindi ako ‘yung klase ng tao na nagho-hold ng grudge. Kaya never ko naman talaga ito pinag-usapan kasi ‘yun nga ayoko ng gulo, it’s done. I’ve already forgiven him before it’s just that na ulit ng ulit—I’m fed up!”

Horseshoe Studios and Reality Entertainment’s “Santigwar” sees Alexa play Hasmin, a Santigwar (healer, warrior) who has been on a decade-long hunt for the Aswang clan who killed her mother. When she and her father encounter a group of fun-seeking boys headed to an abandoned town, she knew that the Aswangs she seeks are now near. Is she powerful enough to avenge her mother and will she be able accept the bitter truth that binds her Santigwar family to the Aswangs?

“Santigwar” opens in theaters on Oct. 30, directed by Joven Tan.