Starbucks Planner 2020 Manila Bulletin Lifestyle

With only few days left before 2019 ends, people are now looking for things that will help them prepare for 2020. And as the new year comes, so does “planner season” where people are looking for the best planners that will not only serve as an organizer but also reflect their personality. And what is planner season without Starbucks planners?

Annually, people line up to get stickers to grab their personal copy of these limited edition, Philippine-exclusive designed planners and organizers. Customers are excited to see the new designs, colors, and offerings these journals have.

Here’s a first look at Starbucks Philippines 2020 planners and travel organizers.

Sustainable and eco-friendly journals

Living up to their advocacy, the coffee shop has released sustainable and eco-friendly journals. These come with two colors, the Berry Pink and Gray Frost. SB planners boast papers that are forest-friendly. To prove that, they even forged a partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an independent and non-profit organization that promotes responsible management of world’s forest.

Frosted Gray

The journal designs also feature hardbound leather coverings with embossed details of the iconic Siren. Another remarkable thing about 2020’s covers is the material they are made from—high-grade leather from Valencia, Spain.

Berry Pink

“The cover of Starbucks Philippines 2020 Planners and Travel Organizers use purely natural substances coming from pre-consumer recycled cowhide fibers bonded by natural latex, which is a renewable green resource tapped from Hevea rubber trees,” Starbucks says.

Travel organizer in Neo Mint

People who are always on-the-go can choose from two fashionable colors, the Neo Mint and Coffee. Just like the planners, the journals and the leather cases of these travel organizers are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sticker collection

Collect at least 18 stickers to avail one of these journals. Sticker collection will officially begin on Nov. 2 and will end on Jan. 7, 2020. Within this period, customers may collect one sticker for every purchase of any size of Starbucks coffee.