Best Night Ever

Published October 26, 2019, 10:00 PM

by MB Lifestyle

By Kitten Zapata | Photos by Nice Print Photography

Best night ever 3


It’s a girl’s dream to fall in love and answer the big question in the most enchanted setting. And for Jasmine Maierhofer—one of the country’s most beloved bridal models—that time had come. Her boyfriend Angelo Patrimonio had asked her on stage at a bridal show, in front of some of the people she’d loved and worked with for more than a decade.

It was a long time coming, and still very much a surprise. But before we get to this point, before the bent knee and the ring, the story goes back to a basketball clinic and a knee injury.

The story

Eight years ago, Angelo’s mom Cindy Conwi Patrimonio and Jasmine’s brother Rico Maierhofer first met at a basketball clinic. Cindy had recommended her half-sister Jeck to Rico. At the time, she had just met Jeck recently over Facebook, though she had a feeling that the two would hit it off. And apparently, she was right. Rico and Jeck are now happily married with kids.

Jeck had, in turn, recommended Jasmine to Cindy’s son Angelo. They had set several group dates with them. Jasmine and Angelo continued to see each other. On Sept. 3, 2011, they finally defined their relationship. They were each other’s “first love.”

The proposal

Having been in a relationship for eight years, Angelo thought that it was the perfect time to propose. He thought of doing it in December, just in time for the Christmas season. But there were other plans, and another opportunity presented itself. Jasmine’s last bridal show this year for Wedding Essentials (WE) Magazine and The Manila Hotel’s Tadhana and Bridal Fashion Week Philippines was coming up. This was his big chance.

A week before the fashion show, Jasmine’s handler, Mau of Mercator Artist and Model Management, called me up asking if I would be “game” to have Angelo propose to Jas at our event. I told him, “Oh my gracious Jesus! Of course! That’s going to be amazing!”

I was so happy for Jas. She has been our WE baby for 14 years. She had her first cover shoot with us when she was 14 years old. We met Jas through photographer Doc Marlon Pecjo who had discovered her after she won a spot at the Elite Model Look in 2005.

After that call, Cindy Patrimonio added me to the organizing group. Everyone in that group cared very much about Jas and Angelo. Nice Print Photography was also assigned to cover the event. Alvin Patrimonio, the dad of Angelo, joined in on the planning, too! It was a family effort.

Best night ever 1

On the night of Oct. 19, the Tent City of The Manila Hotel was perfectly dressed up. It was the night we launched Bridal Fashion Week Philippines, and the theme was “Enchanted.” The show started at around 7:30 p.m.. Angelo was just waiting outside the tent, waiting for his turn. He was quiet, praying, holding the ring, peeping once in while through the curtains, waiting and just wanting to see his girl. By 8:30 p.m., the show was close to ending.

Finally, at the curtain call, Jasmine was instructed to be the last to come out. The lights were switched off and everything went dark. Then, Angelo came out from backstage, calling Jas’ name.

Then, Angelo said over the microphone: ‘I want to take our relationship to the next level, and therefore I want to ask…Jasmine Maierhofer, my dream girl, will you marry me?’

She was clueless, speechless, and completely dumbfounded. One by one, the lights went back on again, and the chandeliers seemed like stars aligning. I saw Jas’ face, and can’t even begin to describe how happy she looked, albeit a little confused. The audience was shouting and screaming their names.

Best night ever 2

Then, Angelo said over the microphone: “I want to take our relationship to the next level, and therefore I want to ask…Jasmine Maierhofer, my dream girl, will you marry me?”

At this point, Jasmine finally found her voice again, and the first thing she said was “yes.”

That moment, over those 10 minutes, two souls were completely in love. I think everyone in the tent was, too. With them, with what was happening. But maybe the right word to use is the one that we set as our guide for the night, the mood we wanted the evening to have. Maybe the right word is “enchanted.”