DITO Telecommunity inks landmark agreements

With the commitment of DITO Telecommunity Corp. to fully comply with its mandate of providing world-class telecommunications services that the Filipinos deserve, it has announced signing landmark agreements with two key partners crucial for their roll-out.

DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel A. Tamano said that they have recently signed a milestone memorandum of agreement with LCS Holdings, Inc. Vice Chairman Architect Richelle Singson-Michael for the lease of common towers that the LCS Group will be putting up in key areas of the country.

The LCS Group, led by its Chairman, Mayor Luis Chavit Singson expressed, “LCS, despite conceding to Dito, in the Third Telco bid, is still very passionate in fulfilling its commitment to the public in improving the quality of telecommunication services, with the underserved first in mind. Together with our partners, we will go full blast on manufacturing and rolling out common towers and other telecommunication infrastructure in the country.”

Aaron Tan, Chief Executive Officer – Information Communication & Technology of LCS Group adds “This signing signifies the beginning of many other partnerships to service the country. We also look forward to working with the other Mobile Network Operators and Corporations who may be interested to co-locate at our strategic sites”


Adel Tamano said: “We are serious in our commitment and will be breaking ground within the next few days for the first of many cellular sites for DITO Telecommunications in cooperation with the LCS Group.”

In addition, DITO Telecommunity has signed a breakthrough deal with Sky Cable Corporation, for the utilization of the unused fiber-optic cables of Sky Cable within Metro Manila. Signing for Sky Cable were: Mr. Roderick Liwanag, Head of Enterprise Business SKYBIZ; and Mr. Efren T. Arayata, Jr. Head of SKYBIZ and Head of Strategic Relations.

“These two deals allow DITO to tap reliable local partners and their existing telecommunication infrastructure assets to support our network rollout, without having to build everything from scratch; done to ensure that we soon deliver on our promise of faster, more affordable, and most importantly secure internet connectivity for our countrymen,” said Tamano.

These announcements came soon after the declaration of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) that the DITO roll-out, now backed by a ₱25.7-billion performance bond, has begun in earnest as the third telco wants to be commercially operational by the end of the year or the first quarter of next year.