Health expert reminds public of proper use of antibiotics

Published September 29, 2019, 5:59 PM

by CJ Juntereal

By Analou De Vera

A health expert has reminded the public to properly use antibiotics, and not to self-medicate.

“Patients sometimes don’t go to the doctor, they self medicate…Instead of getting appropriate treatment, sometimes it is a viral infection and you don’t even need antibiotics for it but you are drinking it,” said Dr. Cecilia Lazarte, member of Formulary Executive Council and National Antibiotic Guideline Committee.

Lazarte underscored that antibiotics should be used correctly to avoid having antibiotic resistance.

“Any exposure to the antibiotic can cause resistance but syempre life-saving yung antibiotic. But we should only use it correctly,” said Lazarte.

“If we keep using the antibiotics the wrong way, keep abusing them from times we don’t need to use it, then there would come a time that they would no longer be useful. So, gamitin lang natin sa tamang paraan, sa tamang mga diseases,” she added.

Lazarte advised the public to immediately consult a physician for proper treatment.

“If you have an infection, go to the physician– so they will be able to assess you properly, do the proper laboratory tests to know whether it is a viral infection or bacterial infection, so they can prescribe the appropriate antibiotics,” she said.

Lazarte also added that patients should follow the prescription of the doctor.

“Kung sinabi sa prescription [if the prescription states]: five days or seven day, they should really follow the prescription…[If not], it is possible that you will not eradicate all the bacteria,” she said.