Philippine Coast Guard expresses elation for the approval of the law creating the PCG hospital

Published August 14, 2019, 5:01 PM

by CJ Juntereal

By Betheena Unite

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) welcomed Wednesday the signing of the law that will create a hospital for the organization’s personnel, their dependents, and retirees.

Philippine Coast Guard (MANILA BULLETIN)
Philippine Coast Guard (MANILA BULLETIN)

President Duterte signed the Republic Act 11372 or the Philippine Coast Guard General Hospital Act on August 8 and was made public yesterday.

“In behalf of all the members, retirees and dependents of PCG personnel, we are beyond grateful to the government, especially to President Duterte, for the grants given to PCG in the furtherance of our missions in protecting the Philippines’ maritime jurisdiction and in saving lives and properties at sea,” Admiral Elson Hermogino, PCG commandant, said.

“In the performance of our duties and responsibilities, our lives as coast guardians are at risks and as a third uniformed armed service of the Philippines, we are also in need of treatment and hospital facilities in times of such unwanted circumstances,” Hermogino added.

The Coast Guard commandant furthered that the “availability of accessible and affordable quality health care is vital for Coast Guard personnel” considering the vast scope of maritime functions including maritime safety, maritime security, maritime law enforcement, maritime search and rescue and marine environmental protection.

Hermogino emphasized that the retirees, who rendered their service for the government, and all PCG dependents, who are mostly away from their loved ones, all deserve a comprehensive and total health care services.

The same goes with the Coast Guard personnel, who are in the forefront of law enforcement operations, search and rescue, hazardous related tasks, and such others, the commandant added.

As the chairperson of the Board of Directors, Hermogino vowed that upon the effectivity of the Act, he will “abide by the powers and responsibilities established herein to develop a program of patient care and hospital administration and to organize the structure of PCG General Hospital in accordance with the staffing pattern approved by the Department of Budget and Management.”