Here’s What Filipinos Spent on these Past 4 Years with ShopBack

With the rise of the e-commerce in the Philippines, gone are the days when people had to scour the mall to look for the best deals. Since you can find everything you need online, more people are now choosing to stay indoors rather than braving the crowds the impact of packed malls.

Four years ago, online shopping in the Philippines became much more rewarding for Filipinos when e-commerce startup ShopBack entered the Philippine market. The platform introduced a generous cashback system that allow users to earn back a portion of every peso spent, with cashbacks reaching as much as 25% during special shopping holidays.

Over the years, ShopBack users have received thousands in cashbacks, with one particular user receiving PHP 171,000 in cashback from a single transaction. For its 4th birthday, ShopBack gave this back through the ShopBack Birthday Shopping Spree Giveaway wherein 5 winners received PHP 20,000 cashback each, and one lucky winner took home PHP 71,000 in cashback. 

What have people been spending on? 

Prepaid Top Ups. If you use something often enough to pay for it in advance, it only makes sense to get rewarded for it. Mobile load, game credits, you name it and you’ll definitely receive a cashback when you use ShopBack! 

Electronics. In a world where everyone and everything is interconnected, our technology devices become an essential to everyday life. Users turned this need to an opportunity to earn back from their spending when they use ShopBack right before purchasing electronic devices. 

Mom & Baby Products. With so much time and effort a mother devotes to their children, it’ll be a surprise if she still has time for shopping. Luckily, ShopBack offers a wide selection of stores dedicated to child’s needs, making it easier for moms to provide their children with only the best products. 

Travel & Accommodations. With just a click of a button, you can easily purchase your next getaway destination for the holidays. And with ShopBack, you’re not only getting the vacation of a lifetime, but you’ll also be rewarded for it! 

Insect repellant, Brownies, Siopao. You really can get anything from the internet. Data from ShopBack shows that people check out with the most random items in their carts. It doesn’t matter—you can get cashback from almost any purchase you can think of!

With ShopBack, users not only get a bang for their buck but also earn big thanks to their hassle-free cashback process. The ShopBack cashback process is simple: just visit ShopBack’s website ( or app and use the platform to shop from ShopBack’s partner merchants. After making a purchase, the cashback will be automatically added to your Shopback account within 48 hours. 


Ever since its introduction, ShopBack Philippines has given back a total of PHP 119, 888, 596.93—a number that continues to rise as more shoppers discover the smarter way to shop