QC councilor says long weekends could be used to find, destroy mosquito breeding grounds

Published August 10, 2019, 12:19 PM

by Dhel Nazario, Jeffrey G. Damicog, and Rey G. Panaligan

By Chito Chavez

Quezon City Councilor Winston “Winnie” Castelo asked the public to take advantage of the long weekends to destroy the breeding grounds of mosquitoes that cause the proliferation of the dreaded dengue disease.

Quezon City Councilor Winston “Winnie” Castelo (Photo from Winston "Winnie" Castelo / Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)
Quezon City Councilor Winston “Winnie” Castelo (Photo from Winston “Winnie” Castelo / Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

He called on local residents to use the “ all three long weekends in QC due to interim holidays should be maximized and utilized in initiating a clean-up drive that would prevent the escalation of dengue in different areas, saying the initiative would likewise thwart any potential victims’’.

Castelo issued the call as he underscored the significance of his proposition adding that all are required to clean their surroundings specifically the students who are prone and susceptible to the dreaded disease that also includes their parents because nobody is invulnerable and immune to dengue.

The second district councilor noted the three long weekends or special holidays that can be taken advantage off for the proposed “dengue clean-up drive”. These include Eid’Ad Ha that will be celebrated from August 10 to 12, Quezon City Day from August 17 to 19 and the celebration of National Heroes Day from August 24 up to August 26.

Likewise, Castelo has recommended the staging of massive dengue information campaigns to be “spearheaded by the national government to disseminate and propagate awareness about the dreaded epidemic, saying some people have vague notion and inept about dengue’’.

“We should maximize these special holidays to inform and educate the people in the light DOH has declared nationwide dengue alert,’’ Castelo said.

The Quezon City Council recently approved a resolution allowing the purchase of anti-dengue machines to combat the dreaded virus.

“The three long weekends should not be put to waste. Everybody, students, teachers, parents and government workers should join hands to eradicate the life threatening menace plaguing our country now,” Castelo concluded.