Baguio mayor wants 400 taxi franchises revoked

By Zaldy Comanda

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Benjamin Magalong is calling on the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to revoke the 400 taxi franchises it offered to applicants, saying it will only worsen the city’s traffic woes.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong (Photo from Benjie Magalong - Public Servant / Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN) Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong (Benjie Magalong - Public Servant Facebook Page / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

Magalong questioned the wisdom of the LTFRB in unilaterally approving the opening of the taxi franchises without asking the city government if there is indeed a need for more taxi cabs.

He said the board should have consulted city hall first since the city has limited routes,

The LTFRB was reported to have authorized the opening of 200 taxi franchises on a fleet basis and another 200 franchises to fill the 195 slots for taxis that have stopped plying.

Magalong said, he had already voiced out the opposition of the Baguio government to allowing the 200 taxi franchises but LTFRB chose not to act on the matter and even approved another 200 franchises.

Based on the data obtained from the LTFRB, there are 5,215 registered public utility jeepneys, 3,246 taxis, 459 public utility van and 345 buses.

Magalong is confident the LTFRB will reconsider its decision on the franchises because additional taxi cabs will create chaos on the streets, considering the additional number of vehicles that will use the city’s roads.