PMA stands behind Siargao physician bashed by singer

Published July 24, 2019, 3:23 PM

by Patrick Garcia


By Analou de Vera

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has expressed its support to the doctor in Siargao island who was bashed by singer Yeng Constantino in her social media posts recently.

Siargao (Photo via Wikimedia Commons/ Manila Bulletin/ FILE PHOTO)
Siargao (Photo via Wikimedia Commons/ Manila Bulletin/ FILE PHOTO)

The association in a statement said it “stands in full support of Dr. Esterlina Luzares-Tan against Constantino’s controversial rant.

“Dr. Esterlina Luzares-Tan’s calm and composed attitude during the incident is commendable. Her extra effort to study how to operate an infra scanner, a new modality in her area, to ensure that Ms. Yeng Constantino’s husband does not suffer from any intra-cerebral hemorrhage which may be obtained from cliff diving, is also admirable,” the association stated.

The association added that “it will not allow its members to be subjected to unnecessary shaming while doing their duties, which is to save lives.”

To note, Constantino in her Youtube vlog, which has been deleted, narrated her experience after her husband, Yan Asuncion, got injured while cliff diving in Sugba Lagoon. The singer complained about the lack of equipment in the hospitals in the island and said that some medical staff had no sense of urgency.

Meanwhile, Constantino has already issued an apology towards Tan and the medical staff on the island.

“I would like to apologize to Dr. Esterlina Tan and the other medical staff for the hurt that my post and vlog has caused them. Whatever concerns I had should have been coursed through the proper forum,” the singer posted on her official Facebook page.

“It was unfair to call her out on social media and I’m taking down the posts and the vlog immediately. I’m deeply sorry for the hurt I caused her at sa lahat ng mga [and to all] medical professionals who were affected by my posts. There is no excuse. I will do my best to be more responsible next time,” she added.