MMDA traffic chief exchanged words with bus passengers, retorted ‘pumasok ka nang maaga’

Published July 11, 2019, 5:48 PM

by CJ Juntereal

By Gabriela Baron

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority traffic chief Bong Nebrija and bus passengers were caught in a heated exchange for issuing traffic tickets during the rush hour.

Screencap from the video of Edison Bong Nerbija / MANILA BULLETIN
Screencap from the video of Edison Bong Nerbija / MANILA BULLETIN

In a Facebook live video, Nebrija approached the flagged down bus after an enforcer told him that they cannot focus because the passengers are coming at them.

“Lahat ‘tong mga pasaherong ‘to pinagsisigawan po kami, galit na galit sa ‘min kaya di po kami maka-focus.” (The passengers are shouting at us and we cannot focus) according to a traffic enforcer

Nebrija told the passengers not to blame the MMDA because they are just doing their job.

“Wag kami ang sisisihin n’yo. Inaayos namin ang traffic dito.” (Don’t blame us, we’re just fixing the traffic here)

The passengers’ response was inaudible, but the MMDA chief responded,

“Wag nyo kaming sisigawan! Di pumasok ka nang maaga!” (Do not shout at us. Come to work early if you must!)

One passenger reportedly said that MMDA’s salary comes from taxpayers’ money.

“Ikaw nagpapasahod sakin? Magkano tax na binabayaran mo?” (You’re the one who’s paying me? How much taxes are you giving?”) Nebrija said.

The MMDA chief insisted that passengers and bus drivers should follow the rules because the MMDA are fixing the traffic flow in EDSA.

Nebrija dared the passengers, “O sige, ireklamo n’yo kami. Kami ang nagpapatupad ng batas.” (Fine, complain about us. We’re the ones who implement the rules anyway)

“Ganyan po ‘yong ginagawa nila, io-overwhelm kami. Pero di kami papa-overwhelm sa mga ‘yan.” (They’re trying to overwhelm us. But we will not submit) he added.

The video garnered more than 240,000 views and 3,600 shares.