Map your way to healing with Almario’s new gene-based program

Physical therapy clinic Almario Physio Team (APT) is paving the way for an error-free method of recurring pain treatment with its new program that tailor fits every patient’s need.
Prueba, a treatment program that uses innovative diagnostics technology from Unites States, is an all encompassing genetic profiling to optimize one’s health and well-being.
This program aims to find out one’s underlying health problem on recurring pain on muscles and joints, which usually occurs even after a patient has already taken medicines or when procedures were already done. Using the results of the genetic analysis, Prueba combines pain management, weight management, and strength and conditioning in one program. This helps patients return to their productive lives and reach their maximum health potential, without worrying of constantly going back to their physiotherapy centers.
The Prueba Premium Program consists of world-class machines including Rehab Roller, Rehab Capsule, Vacuum Treadmill, Body Composition Analyzer, and Real Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUI) for core muscles.
APT’s physiotherapists are trained to use these technologies, keeping in mind the mission of giving the most comfortable and pain-free experience for the patients.
According to APT CEO Ayeza Almario, recurring join and muscle problems are common issues among patients of physical therapy who have poor weight management. The increased weight places more stress on joints in the lower back, hips, knees and ankles.
The body’s reaction from extra stress brought by poor weight management and sedentary lifestyle leads to symptoms of pain, tightness, and postural issues. This has inspired APT to deliver even better programs for their patients. “During our seven years in the physical therapy industry, my team has constantly been looking for how we can treat patients to prevent the recurrence of pain,” Almario says. “It’s not because I don’t want to see them again but because I understand what they are going through.”
On a personal experience, Almario, who does a lot of traveling, can attest that a busy lifestyle can bring disadvantages for one’s health. For one, she experiences stress from a strained body. While she does regular visits to their clinic to check on her back pain and continue her strength and conditioning regimen, she knows that managing her health needs not to be a trial and error method.  “If I myself spend this much time and effort but still unsatisfied with my results, what more our patients?” she says, “I told myself that I want a map that will bring me to right direction for my health. I want to share this map with our patients so we can help them save time, energy, effort, and money."
Almario is inspired to bring in this development to a larger audience so that more and more people can not only receive health treatment which has value-for-money but can also save their time and effort.

Manager Ms. Marianne J. Yee, PTRP Manager Ms. Marianne J. Yee, PTRP


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