Councilors seek random inspection of water refilling stations in QC

By Chito Chavez

With the growing demand for mineral and purified water, Quezon City Council members asked the city government to conduct random inspections of water refilling stations in the city to avert the sale of contaminated water to the public.

The clamor for clean drinking water was further aggravated by the current water crisis experienced by millions in Metro Manila and adjacent provinces.

The call was made by Councilors Victor Ferrer Jr. and Allan Benedict Reyes who have received complaints about regular drinking water being passed off as purified, distilled or mineral water.

Aside from obtaining water from the faucet, Ferrer said that his office also received complaints that some of the bottled water sold publicly were either cloudy or had unpleasant smell.

Because of these complaints, Ferrer asked the city government and concerned government agencies to take the necessary measures to stop the illegal practice in the distilled and mineral water service distribution business.

For his part, Reyes noted that personnel of the water refilling stations should be in uniform, while the premises should always be clean to make it as hygienic as possible to ensure public safety.

He vowed to look into reports that a great number of water refilling stations in order to make huge profits rarely change their filters putting public health at high risk.

To ensure that only safe drinking water are sold, Reyes said the crew and even the owners of the water refilling station should undergo regular seminars where business ethics should be emphasized.

He noted that some businessmen in the drinking water delivery business may be aware of the methods of keeping their product safe but deliberately violates the safety schemes to maximize profit and even it put the public’s health at risk.

However, concerned citizens asked the Quezon City government to launch an information drive informing where local residents may air their plight against erring water refilling stations.

“I hope the mayor will make it easier for us to report the disgusting practice of unscrupulous water refilling station owners. We also do wish that inspectors and experts are made readily available to us to determine the safety of the water we are buying,’’ the concerned citizen added.

They also sought the assistance of the city government in running after fly-by-night or illegal water refilling stations operating without the required permit from concerned authorities.