PCSO vows it will not condone any wrongdoing by any of its officials, employees

By Jel Santos

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) recently maintained that it will not condone any wrongdoing that would be committed by any of their employees, saying the agency was always open to all forms of investigation.

This was according to PCSO spokesperson, Atty. Marissa Medrano, following the pending probe against the agency’s former general manager, Alexander Balutan. Malacanang recently said that he resigned out of “delicadeza” due to “serious allegations of corruption.”

“The PCSO Governing Board already said it will not cuddle anyone, whether management or rank and file employees who is found to be involved in graft and corrupt practices, especially if it involves public funds,” she said in a statement.

Medrano said the agency will welcome any formal investigation by any investigating body.

“The PCSO is open to all forms of investigation and encourages its officials and employees to subject themselves to any formal investigation by any investigating body. The Board and its management and its employees stand by its value of professionalism. If a person has nothing to hide, then by all means an investigation by an independent investigating body will be very much welcome,” the spokesperson said.

As such, the PCSO said it was optimistic that the probe will rid their ranks of corrupt officials should anyone be found guilty.

The PCSO spokesperson, meantime, assured the public that their aid for Filipinos in dire need of medical help will continue despite such controversies.

Balutan is a retired Marine general who was appointed by Pres. Duterte as PCSO general manager in September 2016.

He is a member of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) class of 1983.

In 2018, Balutan faced a controversy about the lavish Christmas party of their agency at a posh hotel. PCSO board member Sandra Cam critized Balutan for spending so much for just a party. Yet, Balutan was defended by the president.