Fish ball vendor in a bind for row with Bersamin’s son

Published March 11, 2019, 2:59 PM

by Patrick Garcia

By Jel Santos

A fish ball vendor, who had an argument with the son of Supreme Court Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin, was arrested in Makati City on Saturday afternoon.

Chief Insp. Gideon Ines, Makati police’s Assistant Chief of Police for Operations (ACOPO), said Lucas Bersamin Jr., a surgeon, and 38-year-old vendor Condrado Bingco argued after the vendor “harassed” Bersamin’s wife.

“The son of Chief Justice Bersamin had an argument with the vendor after his wife Bianca told him that she was harassed by the vendor when she declined to buy,” Ines said. “Maybe she does not eat fish ball.”

At around 4 p.m., Bianca was walking along Malugay St. in Barangay Bel-Air when she was allegedly harassed by Bingco.

She went home and told her husband about what happened.

The son of the chief justice then went to where the vendor was and confronted him for “harassing” his wife.

Ines said that he even scared Bersamin by pretending to pull something from behind him, but “it was just nothing.” “He was pretending he has a weapon, but we found nothing,” he said

Due to such, Bersamin asked the assistance of nearby policemen. The vendor was then apprehended.

Bingco is now held at the Makati police headquarters’ detention cell. He is facing charges of Unjust Vexation and Threat.