Game of Thronos

Published February 18, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Sans the show but with all the promise of blood, gore and thunder, the “Thronos” of Predator arrived at the Manila Bulletin.

The Predator Thronos Gaming Chair is billed as “the throne of the most avid gamers” that amplifies the gaming experience.

Until Friday, the 1.5-meter tall steel structure, the majestic Predator Thronos, occupies a special place right in the MB lobby where everybody, kids one to 92, get to feel a motorized cockpit clad in dual-tone black with blue-white accents.

The reimagined gaming chair lets the gamer live inside the game as it vibrates in synchronization with the sound of the games. The chair is adjustable and includes an ergonomic seat design, footrest, and a cabin that reclines up to 140 degrees. The overhead brace supports three 27-inch gaming monitors and a space for a Predator gaming PC.

Customizable depending on the gamer’s preference, Predator Thronos’ CPU, the Orion 9000, is interchangeable from the POS-610 RGB, PO9-500 RGB to the best option PO9-900 RGB. Its monitor can be upgraded from the Nitro XV272U P, Nitro XV237K P, to the much-raved Predator X8273K. Predator offers the Thronos in three packages with SRP starting at P699,999.

Alodia trying out the Predator Thronos during the Predator event at the Philippine Finals of Predator League’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

One-click transformation

Use the Control Pad to lower the Scorpion Arch and usher you to an all-consuming panoramic view.

Triple Display Setup

Three Predator displays dish out fast, fluid frames that envelop you with their peripheral-filling embrace.

Deep impact haptics

Feel the in-game sound through bass-driven vibrations, whether it’s the snap of a branch or a rock fired at a demonic horde.


Total command over how you play is yours via the Control Pad. This includes Zero-G, recline, complete ergonomic integration and your peripheral bearing keyboard tray.

Zero-G Recline Essential Ergonomics Mechanized Keyboard Tray

A customized Predator mousepad spans the length of the mechanized keyboard tray which now acts as the haven for your Predator keyboard and mouse.


Thronos defines itself with cold, black metal shaped into a hardened exterior. Iconic cutouts along the entire body allow chilly RGB to user forth, lighting up the darkened shell of the machine.

So if you’ve got time, and the guts to try a full immersive experience, the Thronos awaits the MB.