7 BoC ports exceed annual revenue collection target

By Betheena Unite 

Seven of the 17 ports under the Bureau of Customs (BoC) have reached their respective annual revenue collection.

(Bureau of Customs via Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN) (Bureau of Customs via Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

The bureau said that the Port of San Fernando, as of December 18, has already surpassed its 2018 collection target by 4.42 percent or P147.553 million, posting a total of P3.5-billion collection against its P3.34-billion target.

The other ports that hit or exceeded their revenue collection target are Zamboanga, Tacloban, Cebu, Davao, Subic, and Iloilo.

The seven collection districts under the bureau, who have already posted positive results before the year ends, will contribute to the P585-billion 2018 collection target of the BoC.

The Port of Iloilo has collected a total of P3.66 billion, posting 15.4 percent or P448,662,239.51 surplus against its annual collection target of P3.17 billion.

Port of Subic collected P22 billion, higher than its P21.6-billion collection target for 2018.

Port of Davao collected P25.3 billion, with P5.1 billion or about 25 percent surplus against its P20.1-billion goal for the year.

Port of Zamboanga has already collected a total of P352 million or 22.15 percent higher than its annual target.

Port of Cebu posted a total of P27.8n billion revenue collection, higher than its P27.4 billion collection target.

Lastly, Port of Tacloban collected P1 billion, hitting its P321 million annual target by an overwhelming 213 percent surplus.

Earlier, the bureau’s collection target was reduced by P10 billion to P584.9 billion as the fuel-marking program has yet to be implemented.

The Department of Finance granted the cut after the bureau appealed to reduce the initial target by P10 billion.