Voluntary drug tests of ‘Kontradiction’ cast yield negative results

Published November 20, 2018, 7:29 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Alexandria Dennise San Juan

The cast of an upcoming movie on the country’s drug war yielded negative results on their voluntary drug tests conducted at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Laboratory Service in Quezon City over the weekend.

According to PDEA, six celebrities including Jake Cuenca, Will Devaughn, Kris Bernal, Robert Seña, and Princess Velasco, underwent through a voluntary drug testing at PDEA on Sunday.

The celebrities will star in the upcoming war on action film “Kontradiksyon,” which focuses on the in-depth and critical look on the Philippines’ war on drugs.

The movie’s director, multi-Palanca awar-winning Njel De Mesa also joined the celebrities in going through the voluntary drug testing to allay doubts of viewers or fans that they are using illegal drugs.

Based on the chemistry report of PDEA, all of those who underwent the drug test yielded negative results.

PDEA commended the move of the “Kontradiksyon” cast that will encourage other celebrities to also undergo voluntary drug testing.