3 tips for creating fun memories

Published November 10, 2018, 11:44 AM

by Lee C. Chipongian

By Paulyne Fermin

Paulyne-200x300We love Halloween! Ever since we moved to our quiet home in the south, the family has embraced this ghoulish and ghastly celebration with much gusto. It’s that time of the year when my neighbors and I decorate our front lawns with pumpkins, gravestones, bats and black cats. As a toddler, my son has won the village costume contest three consecutive times and now my seven-year-old daughter is in hot pursuit of her brother’s record. My husband and I get in the act, too. Over the years we have donned all kinds of costumes, but lately we’ve been dressing up as a family and have doubled the fun in doing so. Here are some of the things we did that you may find useful in planning your next costume party.

The perfect brew

FAMILY FUN- The Fermins as DC Super Villains!
FAMILY FUN- The Fermins as DC Super Villains!

Pick a theme. The idea of Arkham Asylum came to me while we were on vacation in the US. My son begged to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles so he could try the newest ride Justice League Battle of Metropolis. There was a gift shop right next to it, and that’s when it struck me. A lot of people like to dress up as superheroes but it would be so cool if we suited up as villains! My heart was set on Harley Quinn, so the husband naturally had to be Joker. I let the children try on costume sunnies and in the process they chose Riddler and Poison Ivy. That was five months ago. It’s never too early to plan!

Be creative

Re-purpose old decors, create your own costume and find inspiration where you can. I’ve been using my 10-year old bat kites since our very first Hallow’s Eve Street Party. First it was black and orange, then painted red to make it more sinister looking, then repainted yellow this year to mimic the Batman signal. The scarecrows I bought from Dapitan Market originally sported cute country Raggedy Ann and Andy faces. I painted Freddie Krueger-ish faces on pieces of cloth and put it over like masks and now my scarecrows live up to its name. Instead of buying expensive costumes, I asked an artist friend to paint Joker’s and The Riddler’s suits on my boys’ shirts. I saw it a week late but the newest Goosebumps movie gave me major ideas for next Halloween!

Have fun

There’s no better way to enjoy life than savoring the present. Enjoy the kids while they still choose to spend time with you. Invite family and friends. Be silly. Take a lot of photos. The classmates of my daughter came as DC characters too! We had a dinner party after the kids were done with their trick or treat activities and had major laughs when we played charades.

GIRL SQUAD- These little misses enjoyed playing dress-up.
GIRL SQUAD- These little misses enjoyed playing dress-up.

Halloween is the only time of the year when I see families out in the streets. It brings me back to the days when children happily played outside. In this world of supposed connectivity, we have bred the opposite – disconnectivity. To see my neighbors, my husband, my kids enjoying their time under the sun is a rare treat. And if only for that, this Halloweenie Mom will keep on staging elaborate stages in time for The Witching Hour. I’m already planning next year’s theme!