Blessed 2018 for Myrtle Sarrosa

Published November 5, 2018, 10:11 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

After her first starring role as superhero in the movie “Wonder Bra,” then being picked as leading lady in one of the episodes in the action film “Tres,” Myrtle Sarrosa is up for more films that spills over to 2019.

Myrtle Sarrosa (Photo by Lester Ramos)
Myrtle Sarrosa (Photo by Lester Ramos)

First is the Regal Entertainment romantic-comedy “Papa Pogi.” Also in the cast are Teddy Corpuz, Donna Cariaga, Joey Marquez, Nonong Ballinan, and Mich Liggayu, to name a few.

Another project is a movie tentatively titled “Henerasyong Sumubok Sa Pag-ibig” co-starring Jane Oineza, Jerome Ponce, Tony Labrusca, and more.
She’s not only lucky with work, but also with her love life. According to Myrtle, she’s still dating that special someone. And the latter is very supportive of her endeavors, which she really likes.

“I’m blessed this year,” she said in an interview.

Myrtle was also asked about her advice to upcoming housemates now that the “Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)” house is set to open this month.
Well, the former “PBB” winner said the participants should just show who they really are.

“They should just tell their real story so the viewers might get inspired.”

Gamer at heart
Myrtle represented the Philippines in Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend for the “Omen by HP Challenger Series’’ tournament.

Myrtle while playing at the ‘Omen by HP Challenger Series’ tournament
Myrtle while playing at the ‘Omen by HP Challenger Series’ tournament

The game is PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground), a popular battle royale game participated in by 100 players. It is one of the most popular PC and mobile games around the world.

There are 20 teams in the tournament composed of top players and influencers from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The prize pool is over half a million pesos.

“The pressure is, from playing for fun and leisure, suddenly you gotta be more strategic, more competitive. We’re pressured to win especially since we’re the only team that qualified from the Philippines,” she said then.

The Philippines ranked Top 9 out of 20 teams that participated.

Beyond the tournament, Myrtle hopes eSports and Gaming would become a big deal in the Philippines. She pointed out that in other countries, it is a career.

Myrtle with Team Philippines (Photos from her official Instagram account)
Myrtle with Team Philippines
(Photos from her official Instagram account)

“If they’re good enough, they become pro-gamers and get paid with a monthly salary of $60,000 USD just to play every day and train for competitions. It’s a big deal in other countries and I’m glad that it’s starting to be more popular here in the Philippines too. I hope that through this competition, we gain more attention for Filipino Gamers so that people will see that ‘Hey, playing games can have purpose too,’” she said.

Is gaming going to be her new career path, we asked.

“I’m not sure, but gaming is really my hobby. I usually play mobile games during breaks on taping,” she shared.

Still, Myrtle advises people, particularly students, to set their priorities and strike a balance between studies and playing PC and mobile games.