Regine as judge

Published October 26, 2018, 9:39 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Now that the dust surrounding Regine Velasquez’s return to ABS-CBN has settled, fans look forward to watching one of her biggest projects with the network, “Idol Philippines.”

Regine Velasquez (
Regine Velasquez

Though it could be due in 2019, people already wonder how she will be as judge, her first time to be one.

“I feel so stressed over it that I’m doing research to know the right terms. I am excited because I feel I have something to share to the contestants as I am a singer also.”

Will she be magnanimous or blunt with her comments?

“I will teach myself to be true to what I feel would help the contestants. I don’t want to say ‘Your performance is okay.’ I want to be truthful but not in a bad way. I was never mean, you know.”

She’ll probably take her cue from her late father, Mang Gerry, who molded her into becoming one of the country’s biggest singing stars.

“My father does not meddle with my decisions. But I would ask him, more so when I am confused, ‘Is this right? Can I do this?’ And he would always say, ‘You decide.’”

So, with that, we’ll probably see Regine more of a guide than untouchable guru perched high on a hill.