Aaron Carter is first to admit his life has been a roller coaster ride in recent years.

Aaron Carter ( Aaron Carter

From his early 2000s pre-teens pop reign, Aaron experienced several personal tragedies. The 30-year-old split from his photographer girlfriend, months after his father died due to heart attack. Then he got arrested on suspicion of DUI, did a stint in rehab, faced vicious bullying online for his skeletal frame, and publicly feuded with his brother, Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter.

These issues sparked plenty of headlines, social media fodder that eventually led to speculations about his well-being.

But now, Aaron is ready for restart.

In an exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Aaron said that though he never really know what tomorrow would bring, he makes sure to live to the fullest.

“It’s hard to say really because every day things change. I’m trying to focus on my relationship, working on getting my first house, things like that,” he happily shared.

Part of that change involved his coming out as bisexual. In August, Aaron shared that he “started to find boys and girls attractive” as a youth, and had “an experience with a male” whom he “worked with and grew up with.”

Regardless of his sexual preference, the good thing is he commits to staying healthy and out of trouble. And pouring himself into music helps with that.

At the end of the day, Aaron expressed his gratefulness to the fans who stood by his side.

“I want to keep working and doing my own thing. I want to focus on my own creative process and my own vision. I want to be able to do my own thing and make my own style of music."

In ‘Love’

Aaron recorded a number of hits in the course of four albums since his debut in 1997. He is best known for tracks like “I Want Candy,” “Crush On You,” “I’m All About You,” and “Sooner Or Later,” among others.

He released “LøVë” last February, his first full-length album in 15 years. According to him, it showcases the result of his decades of effort as an artist.

“I know I haven’t released music for over 15 years something like that, but I just grew up and a lot of different things have happened. I am my own producer and writer now. I am also the executive producer of my own album,” he revealed.

“I was always writing and making my own beats and I worked with my co-producers and we did the music together. I would pick the beats and write a song for it. I also had a couple of co-writers with me. ‘Love’ was lyrically based on my experience on certain relationships and where I was coming from because I felt like I was always misunderstood and I wasn’t getting heard or getting enough,” Aaron added.

The single “Champion” comes from the heart, dedicated to his late father.

“My dad was a professional boat racer and race car driver and he never lost a race so I named the song ‘Champion,'” he shared, going on to sing few lines: “Always run the race, always had to chase/Leave 'em in the dust when they wave that flag/You were my champion”

Aaron said his father “saved” his life, and that he would be forever grateful to him.

“The song says always run the race, and he would always leave the people in the dust. And my father just taught me how to be a man,” he smiled.

Aaron is on tour as part of his album promotion. '90s kids, prepare yourselves: He is on the way to Manila.

He was only 14 when he first visited this Metro for a concert. After 16 years, what does he expect from his Filipino fans?

“It’s been a while and all I can say is that I miss my fans in the Philippines and, please, I am looking forward to seeing them in the show. It’s been a long time and it has also taken me a long time to get back on track and now it’s amazing,” he said.

Presented by KBeam Events, “Aaron Carter LØVË Tour Live in Manila” is on Nov. 18 at the KIA Theater in Araneta Center, Quezon City.