One app for the car world

Published October 13, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Every day finds us never far from our mobile devices. Smartphones have evolved from just being tools of interpersonal communication into virtual assistants as we shop, travel, monitor our fitness, meet people, and more. If we need to do something, chances are it can be easily done through an application on our phone. In the spirit of even more convenience and saving valuable time – this time for millions of car owners – revolutionary, first-of-its-kind app is now available in the Philippines.

Beepbeep PH
Beepbeep PH

“Many of us take it for granted that our cars, while being a tool, can actually give us a lot of hassle or grief – sometimes during the most unexpected opportunity. How many times do we find ourselves crowdsourcing or asking for referrals on where to have our car serviced or detailed?” asks CEO Anton Ojeda. “Now, the solution is literally at your fingertips through our website and our mobile app both on IOS and Android.” is the online destination, platform, and gateway for all things automotive – helping car owners address all their car needs in the most efficient and time-saving way. ““Today, we can do all sorts of tasks from our phones. There are services that help us pay our bills, work remotely, get rides, order food, arrange vacations, and other things previously unheard of. We at are ushering in a new age of convenience for car owners” continued Ojeda. “Now you just need one app for everything related to your car.”

Service Valet

Headlining the new application’s suite of functions is the so-called Maintenance Valet. When car owners need to have preventive maintenance services or even annual auto-detailing jobs done on their vehicles, they don’t have to do the task themselves and interrupt their daily routines.

Users simply search for their preferred car shop on and book an appointment through the website or the app. Cars will be fetched by company drivers – fully equipped with body cameras and who are continuously monitored via GPS for both safety and constant monitoring. “This is something we have thought of very carefully and work painstakingly hard to guarantee. Because our vehicles are valuable and our time is precious” continued Ojeda. In addition, all vehicles are fully insured from the moment it is turned over to drivers, who are also trained professional drivers.

Curated Directory

The app provides users access to over 7,000 curated and vetted car shops – giving motorists easy access to a considerable network of auto services ranging from reliable official dealership hubs (casas) and independent repair shops (talyers) in the metro through its Search & Canvas feature. Search parameters can be tailored based on service, location, and favorability rating.

Car owners can be linked to garages and local car shops that offer maintenance and mechanical repairs, car wash and detailing, body repairs, paints and wraps, and more. Each listing offers a detailed look at what to expect from an establishment – a menu of services, features, operating hours, address and Google Map locator, payment methods, and estimated cost per visit. The director also includes insurance providers and Land Transportation Office outlets.

Emergency Services

Rounding out its services, promises motorists an immediate helpline for on-road emergencies. The 24/7 Roadside Assistance feature offers emergency towing, battery replacement, and tire-change services to any car owner – without the need for memberships within Metro Manila, and without additional charges.

“We want to be of service to two groups, actually. Our priority, of course, are car owners. We want them to be confident and comfortable with their vehicles,” declared Ojeda. “Secondly, we aspire to be the medium for all automotive establishments, big or small.”