Andi and GP Reyes’ baby#2 is another baby girl

Published October 13, 2018, 4:25 PM

by Lee C. Chipongian

By Kristelle Bechayda

“I’ve been wanting to get pregnant,” Andi Manzano-Reyes shares during the gender reveal party she and husband GP Reyes threw last October 9. The Mother Show radio host, who is expecting her second child, found out about her pregnancy a day before she and her family were set to leave for the States.

“I took a pregnancy test a month before the trip and it was negative,” she reveals. “This made me cry because it felt like I was pregnant. The day before we left, I checked again so I could be careful and I found out it was finally positive.”

A mini-Andi or a mini-GP?

Andi was two and a half months along when she found out the great news but only shared it to everyone when she was already on her fourth month. “My family and friends were the first ones to know and it was hard keeping it a secret,” she says. “We were all so excited and Olivia was sharing it to her classmates and teachers in school.”

When asked what was everybody’s guess on the baby’s gender, Andi shares majority are rooting for a boy, just like her. GP and their daughter Olivia, on the other hand, are hoping for a girl. Andi adds that whenever she jokes that a baby boy is to be expected, her firstborn would protest by saying, “Girl only!”

A little sister for Oli

The answer was finally revealed when the word “GIRL” was flashed in pink and white LED lights on the building across where the gender reveal party was being held. This is much to the delight of Oli, whose wish of having a baby sister was granted.

“She has been prepared,” Andi says of Oli becoming a big sister. “She has always wanted a sibling and now I’m trying to explain that she will have to share me and her dad. It’s hard kasi when you are the firstborn because you feel like everything is all about you.”

Andi and GP are starting to organize their house for the arrival of their little one and will start working on the nursery next month. This won’t be the last time the couple will be going through all this excitement as Andi hopes to have more kids.

“I came from a big family with five siblings and GP has five more siblings, too. I want our number of children to be in that range also,” she ends.