Marian Rivera: Be strict with your kid’s hygiene

By Kristelle Bechayda

One of the things that mothers are particular about is the hygiene of their children. Kids love to move around and play, which might lead to a lot of dirt.

As tempting as it may be to make our kids stop, discovering the world around them is a huge part of their learning experience. Celebrity mom and Canesten’s new ambassadress Marian Rivera shares how she deals with this dilemma during the brand’s recent launch.

Be strict

Marian is not restrictive when it comes to Zia’s playtime. In fact, she encourages it. She’s okay if her daughter plays excessively and gets scrapes in the process because she knows that Zia is enjoying. The actress has the same take when it comes to letting her eat candies.

“If gusto niyang kumain ng lollipop or chocolates, ibibigay ko sa kanya, as long as she will brush her teeth after,” she says.

While Marian allows Zia to do whatever she wants, she becomes strict when it comes to her hygiene. The actress makes sure that her daughter regularly cleans up and reminds her to brush her teeth, or to take a bath after she plays. Lucky for her, Zia is also particular about these things.

Oo, mas maarte siya sa akin,” the actress admits. “Maganda nga ‘yun kasi dapat habang bata pa lang tine-train mo na siya na maging malinis sa sarili niya.”

Marian is currently on her second pregnancy and, soon enough, she will extend the same hygiene code to Zia’s younger sibling.

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