10 years later, She’s Only Sixteen has album to call their own


After a decade in the music scene, the four-piece indie-alternative rock band She’s Only Sixteen has released their first album.

She’s Only Sixteen (Photo by Kristianne Eugene Mayo/Manila Bulletin) /mb.com.ph She’s Only Sixteen (Photo by Kristianne Eugene Mayo/Manila Bulletin)

In an exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment, the band composed of Roberto Seña on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Andrew Panopio on lead guitar, Anjo Silvoza on bass, and King Puentespina on drums, shared the reason it took them this long to put out “Whatever That Was.”

According to Anjo, they started their group in high school and back then they “weren’t writing the best material.”

“We weren’t mature yet, I guess,” he said.

The 11 tracks in the album are originals. The band tackles a myriad of subjects in the songs but mostly about growing up.

“The things that translate to our music are the things we actually experienced,” Anjo said.

For Andrew, their music is akin to an “audio dairy.”

Asked what they like most about their band, King said it’s that they are friends.

“I think we are like that because we grew up together, we went through same experiences,” he said.

Andrew believes that friendship serves as good foundation.

“There will be bad gigs, bad songs, but it’s nice to come back to that foundation as it helps you carry on with the job as a band. I feel it translates to the music, too,” he shared.

Outisde the band, Roberto works in an advertising company, King is a music producer and Anjo and Andrew are businessmen.

Do they plan on making it in the mainstream scene?

“It’s okay but it’s not, like, a conscious effort that we need to make it big. We like our pace, we’ve always liked our pace,” Roberto said. “We’re just having a fun.”