Google offers several new features on its 20th year

Published September 25, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By MB Online

Google on its 20th anniversary will offer several new features that will help make searching a lot easier.

Probably the most notable to these added features is the AI (artificial intelligence) which makes relevant video clips based on your searches, since Google now anticipates and customizes users’ searches.

Related to the AI is the featured video which helps users find what they are looking for faster by showing preview clips of videos and prioritizing the more relevant clips to the least ones.

In an article by Karissa Bell and Pete Pachal for Mashable, the makers of Google announced in an event in San Francisco, that the company is now focusing more on mobile rather than desktop.

To further facilitate and expedite how users search for the information that they need, an activity card will now appear as a thin strip above their searches which will basically contain information about their previous searches and related ones as well.

Another added feature is collections, which allows users to save and organize searches based on certain topics. As a bonus, they can get any topic that appears on their activity card and add to their collection’s menu.

Similar to the activity card, the Google “feed” is a feature being revamped which is basically a stream of information cards showing users’ “interests” based on their other activities with other Google apps. Again this feature is made more specifically for smartphone users.

Also making full use of the AI technology is the feature Google lens which can scan images or even parts of it to let users gain more information about it.

In case of emergencies, Google search, a widely used tool, will now also have AI-based flood prediction models and flood alerts. This feature will be first available in India.

The last added feature is for jobseekers, which is called Pathways, which not only helps them look for jobs but for training programs as well.