TAITRA reveals advanced technologies to PH

Published September 10, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

The Taiwan Excellence program is an opportunity to bolster international trade and this year advanced solutions were revealed that the country has developed over the years. Among the innovations presented was a project called “the smart world illumination.” According to General Manager of Lei Yueh Enterprise, Yuan Lin, the smart illumination program uses a technology called LiFi.
LiFi can be used for a faster and more efficient method of communication. Think of it this way, instead of radio signal signals broadcasted from WiFi, LiFi uses light. Any LiFi supported device will allow internet connectivity. This means LiFi has two functions: High-speed wireless communication and lighting up the room. 
According to Lin, LiFi is faster than WiFi. You can light an entire room and all device will instantly connect with it. However, LiFi was only developed seven years ago and still has a long way to go in development. But should LiFi gain momentum, the benefits include high peak data rates, which can go up to 10Gbps and empowering more Internet-of-Things (IoT), which continues to expand as the years roll by.
Also in the presentation is Acer Being Signage. By using the cloud and big data, Acer could develop an infrastructure for advertisers. Through Big Data, such as foot traffic, views, age, gender, and attention time, clients will be able to optimize businesses what their customers are most interested in. These include studies of which is better, a commercial that is only 30 seconds or a full minute? How long did the customer watch the commercial? In this fast-paced world, retaining attention is key for businesses.
Another interesting presentation in TAITRA came from YC Tang, Marketing Manager of Everest Display. He talked about the “World is a Classroom.”
He discussed that phones since their invention, has changed, evolved from a simple two-way communication device into a sophisticated hub that constantly calls for user attention. But if we look at classrooms, Tang pointed out, it hasn’t changed much. Chalkboards may have been replaced with whiteboards, and some students now use PowerPoint presentations. But with all the new technologies and applications we have now, there isn’t a solution in modernizing classrooms. By modernization of classrooms, it’s not about simply providing tablets to children with teachers monitoring their activities, though that is one, but more of a classroom that is similar to Google offices, where students can relax and feel at home.
Tang went on to introduce Boxlight. A company that provides classroom hardware and software solutions. Tools that encourage students to collaborate, and provides teachers assessment tools to better guide students.