Transportify launches long haul delivery to key cities in Luzon

Transportify, a top logistics platform in Manila, has launched its new long haul service which now allows customers to make deliveries to several key cities in Luzon from Metro Manila at an affordable fixed price. Delivery vehicles on Transportify’s platform can now be booked to deliver to Batangas, Dagupan, San Fernando/Clark and Baguio, starting at P3,000.


More cities in Luzon will be opened for long haul service in the coming weeks.

Transportify has been helping businesses and individuals move cargo within Metro Manila for the last two years.

“During the time that Transportify has operated in the Philippines, we have gotten to know our customers better. We understand their difficulties and challenges in logistics. Overwhelmingly, customers tell us that they want us to serve their requirements to deliver from Manila to other cities in Luzon,” said Noel Abelardo, Transportify’s director of sales.

Unlike traditional contract logistics, Transportify is supported by thousands of delivery vehicles and drivers in a high-tech platform that matches drivers to individuals, or to businesses that need delivery service.


“It was natural for us to extend the power of our marketplace and its thousands of drivers to support delivery routes from Manila to key cities in Luzon. Drivers like the larger booking fee from a single long haul booking and customers like the service levels at affordable prices,” said Paulo Bengson, Transportify’s director of operations.

As the Philippine economy continues to grow and the Build Build Build campaign accelerates, businesses are preparing to better serve provincial areas better. Transportify will be there to provide them with the flexibility to quickly scale up their delivery needs to provincial areas while reducing delivery costs by as much as 40 percent.

Services that customers can expect from Transportify’s Fixed-Price Long Haul service are:

  • Professional drivers trained and accredited by Transportify
  • Full loading at pick up, transport, and unloading at destination
  • All tolls and parking included in the price
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Live CS support 24 hours, 7 days a week
Visit to access the long haul price calculator to check the company’s low pricing.

More about Transportify

Transportify is a logistics marketplace powered by mobile and web app technology that allows business to book and manage ground transportation of goods, cargo, merchandise, and almost anything else. Its marketplace connects businesses to drivers with a wide range of vehicles who provide safe, reliable, and affordable transport anywhere in Metro Manila and surrounding areas. Transportify raised $14.5 million series A funding round led by Gobi Ventures last October 2017.