Snooky Serna story on 'Magpakailanman' today

Published August 31, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Hannah Torregoza 

The episode dubbed “Ang Babae Sa Likod Ng Blusang Itim” is about the rise and fall of Snooky Serna who was considered a phenomenal child star in the ’70s and one of the most popular and bankable actresses in the ’80s.

Snooky Serna (
Snooky Serna

There was a time Snooky was the face of Philippine show business. Most of the actors of her time looked up to her having starred in so many blockbuster movies.

But behind her undeniable success and rosy lifestyle, a depressed and lonely Snooky was hiding. Her attitude started to change, her demeanors became problematic to others. Her behaviour was miscontrued by the public, and by her colleagues.

But there’s a valid medical reason that explains Snooky’s seeming unstableness.

She was diagnosed with a depression that consequently destroyed her feeling of self-worth, which sadly triggered her to flee the marriage.

Slowly, she started to lose everything that she has – her fame, her wealth, and even her ideal family.

Fortunately, after a few years, Snooky was able to recover and to return to show business again. But how did she do it?

On “Magpakailanman,” Snooky plays herself. Also in the cast were Gary Estrada, Reese Tuazon, Mart Escudero, Kevin Santos and Miss Gloria Diaz as Snooky’s mom, Mila Ocampo.