Garie Concepcion reveals nocturnal episodes

Published August 22, 2018, 6:31 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Since she was a teenager, actress Garie Concepcion claims to have been experiencing what seems to be astral projection.

Garrie Concepcion (
Garie Concepcion

The phenomena is described as the astral body leaving the physical body to travel to the astral plane. Her most recent episode was four months ago.

“Madalas bangungutin ako when I was young,” she started. “As in nakikita ko ‘yung sarili ko kung ano ‘yung posisyon ko while sleeping. Parang nakikita ko ‘yung sarili ko na umangat at tinitingnan ko sarili ko.”

In those moments, she would suddenly find it hard to breathe and she can’t move her body. To combat the condition, she would recite the Lord’s Prayers several times until she’s jolted awake.

“’Yung feeling na sumisigaw ka sa dream mo pero ikaw lang nakakarinig sa sarili mo, parang walang tao. Tapos gusto mong tumayo pero parang may humahawak sa sarili mo,” she detailed, adding that she would feel tired and weak upon waking up. Para kang nalunod tapos biglang nakaahon.”

Asked if her family knows about it, the singer-actress said her mom Grace Ibuna does. In fact, they have a house rule that they cannot lock their rooms.

First-ever lead role

This year marks Garie’s first leading role through the independent paranormal activity horror-thriller movie “The Lease.”

The story is about a Fil-Italian family that experiences paranornal activity in this villa.

The movie, which is based on a novel by Mario Gatdula Alaman, is directed by Italian filmmaker Paolo Bertola.

According to Garie, the director was easy to work with. Also, she likes it that the latter asks the actor for creative inputs.

Garie admitted feeling genuine emotion when they shot some scenes in Ruben’s abandoned ancestral house.

“We felt there’s something. Nararamdaman mo na may tumatayong balahibo sa batok o feeling mo may sumusunod sa yo,” she said.

This is the reason they had a rosary or a cross with them during those times.

“The Lease” is now in cinemas nationwide.