Wedding in Pampanga

Published August 20, 2018, 3:38 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

If someone had asked Jaycee Parker about her wedding five weeks ago, she would’ve replied, “What wedding?”
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In an interview just before she tied the knot with Jericho Aguas at Promenade at King’s Royale Hotel and Resort in Bacolor, Pampanga last Aug. 19, the actress revealed her husband initially wanted it to be a surprise wedding.

“But when he realized he couldn’t organize it all by himself, he had no choice but tell me about it ” she said in Filipino, laughing. “That was a month ago.”

No proposal was needed and Jaycee was fine with that, saying she had known for a long time he’s “the one” for her.

“In fact, he only gave me my wedding ring yesterday,” she said. “I teased him, ‘Aren’t you suppossed to be on your knee right now?’ But he joked back, ‘What? I’m already giving you a wedding yet you still want me to do that?'”

It’s clear when they made their wedding vows that Jericho and Jaycee have remained friends too. Jericho revealed to Jaycee he gets “mad” at teleserye “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” whenever it required Jaycee to shoot scenes past midnight.

The actress confirmed this, saying that when Jericho sent him a message to confess he’s been arranging the wedding secretly, Jaycee was right in the middle of shooting a scene.

“He texted me, ‘I’ve got something to tell you.’ At the time I’ve already been shooting late for three days straight. Then when I replied, ‘What is it?’ my phone died on me!” Jaycee said, laughing. “I was shooting then but all I can think about was, ‘Let’s finish this fast, please!'”

As for her wedding vow, Jaycee also gave a message to Hubert Aguas, who is Jericho’s son with the late Isabel Granada. She told him she’s not out to replace anyone but only to seek a special place in his heart, too.

For now, the newlyweds might not be able to go on honeymoon right away. But when they do, Jaycee said it will probably be in Paris as a gift from a “very generous” friend.

“If God wills it, we want to add one to our family, maybe two more,” she said.